Massage From CEO

BB  Creations  started  it’s  journey  in 2010 as  ready  made  garments  buying   house  in  Dhaka, Bangladesh.  During  the inceptions  period we only  export  knit   product   for our  customer  but on  the course  of the time  now  the product  range expanded. We  are doing   knit  &  woven both item   along  side  we are also  exporting   Jute (Burlap)  Footwear  &  Jute ( Burlap)  Bag;   Leather footwear & Leather Bag   and  Canvas bag .We  are also  retailing our  own fashion brand and  in  domestic  market   across  the country. Almost  30 top class compliance  sewing  factory in Bangladesh  partnering with  us  and exporting to  USA,  EU  and  Canada.   We believe – Buyer  satisfaction  is  the  main key  elements  for a sustainable business growth. We  try  by  our  best  to  satisfy  our  valued customer .  We meet buyer’s required   delivery date as  well as we  maintain best  quality  with  a  affordable  price for  our  buyer.   At last,  our  wholehearted thanks  and  gratitude for our  valued customer,  factories who  are  partnering  us  in this  race  and our beloved  colleague, fellow staff and  proud worker  who’s relentless  hard  work  made  us  this unique recognition.