Global Sourcing Solutions Of Your Product

BB  Creations Ltd.  is  a reputed apparel  buying  house  in  Bangladesh.  Since  our  inception, we  are  serving    our  client with utmost faith  &  reliability.  We  source all  type of ready made  garments  product     both  Knit  and woven  item  for  our client  in  a  competitive  price ,  ensure timely  delivery  of  the  goods and maintain  exact  quality  of  the  goods.  We  maintain liaison   in-between  buyers & Makers. Negotiate  price , develop  new  product  per our buyers design ,  monitor all  approval  process  in  favor  our  buyer,  regularly  monitor production  units   to  ensure  product   quality in  all  aspects  of  production  operation  as  well  do  the inspection process before   shipment  of  the goods. We  strictly maintain garments delivery  date.
Sustainability   Philosophy :    Business  Throughout Buyers   Satisfaction. 
Commitment to Customers   :  We  have  three  commitment  to all of  our   buyer.  We  never  compromise  with  these  three commitment under  any situation prevails.
        • Timely Delivery  of  Goods 
        • Quality  Of  Goods 
        • Competitiveness in Price  

Professional  Expertise 

The Company  managements  consists  of highly  qualified,  experienced and  dedicated work forces  of  a team of   Merchandisers, Quality Controllers  Technical experts ,  Commercial  and  Accounts  professionals.

  • Merchandising Team  :  Our  merchandisers are  maintaining  regular  communication with  buyers and  the  vendors and  they ensure  instant update of  all   product  information  to  customers ;   Follow  up  and  ensure  fabric  accessories have  been reached in  factory  before  starting garments  sewing.  Maintain customer   TNA  in  all  stage  of operation ;  follow  up  and  ensure all   sample development   timely  manure;  maintain  all  type  of  garment approval ;  all  type  fabric and  trims  color,  lab dip  &  dye lot  approval,  print  &  embroidery  approval,  thread approval,  wash  &  shade approval as  required  by  the buyer .   Resolve  dispute  with  vendors and  suppliers  in right way;  ensure  correct  quality of  the  goods, Ensure  on  time  shipment  of  the  goods.
  • Quality &  Technical Team  :  The  quality  team   regularly  visit   production  units  to  ensure  correct  quality of  the goods through process  to  process inspection. They  carry out  PP  meeting with  factory, carry out  inline  inspections  as well as  do  the  final  inspection   according  to the  set parameters.  Follow  up  fabric,  trims and  garment  test  issues with  factory,  report  to  the   concerned merchandiser   for  necessary action.  Technical  team  address  the technical
  • Compliance  &  CSR Team  :  Usually   address  CSR  &   compliance functions .  Oversee  Factory to  maintain  set guideline  that  are  the  pre-requisite  buyer  requirement.
  • Commercial Team  :  Commercial  team  ensures   regular  and  routine works for  the bank, bond , customs & CNF  process as  well  as liaise with  the   forwarder for  the  incoming  and  the  outgoing  consignments